Top 7 HTC One Phone Problems and Solutions

HTC One is one of the most widely used phones of the HTC flagship. Though, the device faces some common issues that are found in other Android devices as well. If you have HTC device & are facing some of the common HTC Mobile issues. We will make you familiar with some of the most common HTC problems and their solutions.
    - HTC Mobile Not Charging
    - HTC Mobile Not Connecting to PC
    - HTC Mobile Update Problems
HTC Mobile Not Charging
The charging problem usually happens due to a faulty battery or a bad adapter cable. Nevertheless, it is a problem that can be solved easily. If your HTC mobile is not charging, then start by checking the power outlet and the charging cable. The power outlet should be working smoothly. Additionally, Check whether don't use any duplicate charger. Only handle an original charger to avoid HTC One not charging issue. Lastly, check for any fault in your battery. If your battery is old or faulty, then you should think of replacing it.
If neither of these ideas would work then try to examine the overall battery usage of your device.
1. Visit the “Settings” tab on your phone
2. Tap on the “Power” feature to get more options
3. Now, select the “Battery usage” option to know where your battery is getting consumed.
4. It will display a list of all third-party apps that could be draining your battery. If you check any abnormal usage, then try to get rid of that third-party app.
 Also, when you are using your phone, try to completely discharge it and charge it to full again in one go to get best results. You can also open your battery to the sun once in a while, as it concentrates the precipitation present in it. We are sure that after following this drill, you can easily overcome the HTC Mobile is not charging issue with ease.

HTC Mobile Not Connecting to PC
This problem can be caused due to a faulty USB cable at times. If there is no hardware issue, then there might be any flaw associated with the USB debugging specialty of your device. If your HTC mobile is not connecting to PC, then there can be plenty of problems associated with it. You would have not enabled the USB Debugging option on your device or might be using it differently. After making sure that you are using an authentic USB cable to connect your device, follow these simple steps.
1. Start USB Debugging enable option on your device to solve the HTC One not connecting to PC problem. Go to Settings > About Phone and select the “Build Number” option.
  2. You can continuously tap on it many times.
3. After tapping it 7 times, you would be able to unlock “Developer Options”. Tap it and enable the USB Debugging option.
4. If you are using an older version of Android, then you might need to go to Settings > More... > USB Utilities. Now, tap on the “Connect storage to PC” while connecting your HTC device to the system.
Follow the above steps, you would definitely be able to move past the HTC One not connecting to PC problem.

HTC Mobile Update Problems
The update problem in any HTC is quite common. It can be caused by an uncertain Android version. Also, if your phone has been exposed to malware or virus, then it might hinder the updates. The update issue makes it hard for any user to run the system apps unified. Occasionally, HTC devices acquire critical issues related to their update. Make sure that the time and date of your device are updated. This is one of the most common issues, which is found while dealing with HTC One M8 problems. It has been found that this issue is closely related to its inbuilt Sense Home app as well.
1. Go to Settings > Apps > Sense Home > Storage and tap on “Clear Data”. This will reset your home screen and might resolve the update issue.
2. If the issue is continued, then try to factory reset your device. Go to “Settings” and tap on the “Backup & Reset” option.
3. Now, tap on “Factory Data Reset” to commence.
4. Your HTC mobile will give prompt you of its connections. Just tap on “Reset Device” option and wait for it to restart.
This would resolve the update problem, but since it would reset your Htc device, your data would be gone. Try to take backup of your device before proceeding.