HTC Mobile Service HTC Mobile Service Centre in Chennai

HTC Mobile Service Centre in Chennai

Mobiles phone became non separateable part of our lives. we will currently surf the net, log onto our social networking websites or simply perform leisure activities for hours on your phones while not boring yourself.

But, what happens if you're going through your whatsapp while leisure time and unfortunately your dear phones slips of your hand and its screens breaks into several non fixable pieces, the sensation that the owner is stuffed with can not be understood by people that haven't undergone similar tragedy.

If your in need of geting your broken screen repaired, the prior concerned of yours will be to take it to the best hands, that is the reason we provide the best training to our engineers and the technical team to show there best with your htc phone and that makes us best repair specialist in country

Water damage can cause problems to the circuit or other parts of the phone which will make the not useable and extra baggage. If you have accidently flushed your phone or your siblings has split water on phone and only option is to troubleshoot your phone for damage details.

If your phone works after after cleaning it, your are lucky enough, and if it dosn't then its the time for you to get the phone to us, we will have a look at it, diagnose it and update you if it is recoverable or not with best solution we can give. We shall make sure we give every possible solution to make your phone work back to normal and if we are unsuccessful to sort the problem we will make sure your regain all the data in the phone so that you could transfer it to your new phone without any problem.

  • LCD Repair

    Broken LCD replacement, Lines on display, Blank Display, White light on display - We fix any LCD related issues in HTC Mobile.

  • Battery/Charging

    Battery replacement for HTC mobiles. We settle charging deficiencies - does not charge, battery drain quick, does not charge totally.

  • Network Faults

    We repair all system related faults like No network, Weak signal, Call drop. We settle all network related faults in HTC mobiles.

  • Touchpad Repair

    Broken Touchpad, Touch pad does not work, Touch pad works in some part, We settle all Touchpad faults in HTC mobiles.

  • Wifi Problem

    Wifi not connecting, Wifi connected but rather web not working, weak wifi signal, wifi not working - We settle them all.

  • Buttons Repair

    We settle/replace Home button, Volume Button, Mute button, On-Off Button, Vibrator Button, Silent Button & etc.

  • Hardware Issues

    We repair all hard in HTC mobilware faults, even L3/L4 level issues - Like Dead mobile repair.

  • Software Issues

    Software upgrades, Network unlocking services, OS re-installation. application error, software faults.