Tips for HTC 10 home screen

Turn off BlinkFeed: fan of BlinkFeed is not? We disable it quickly. Long press on the wallpaper or pinch as above and select handle the Home screen pages. Swipe across to BlinkFeed and tap remove. BlinkFeed is then gone. Change wallpaper: Press Long time on the wallpaper to bring up the personalisation options for change it. Here you can change change the layout, the wallpaper, theme, widgets and add apps.

Home screen customization Pro tip: Although press long home button menu, you can use pinch for jump straight to editing widgets/pages using a pinch.

Add a home screen widget: HTC is famous for widgets, like that classic flip clock. Click long press on the wallpaper, you can add widgets, Add apps and widgets. You can then scroll through the offered widgets and tap to add. Some widgets can be resized, just long press on the widget once on the home screen, and drag the blue box into resize it.

Add/remove home screens: If you want more home screens to fill with shortcuts and widgets, then long press the wallpaper as above and head into Manage Home screen pages. You can delete empty pages, select which is your main home page and add more pages as needed. You can add up to five pages. Use Now on Tap: Press and hold the home button/fingerprint scanner. This will return search results based on what you're looking at.

Enable "Ok Google" hot word: Android lets you do a lot with voice, but you need to enable it first. Head into settings > Google > search & Now > voice > "Ok Google" detection. Here you can train your phone to recognize your voice.